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How do I close a UK business?

This briefing note is about how to close a UK business. It is an abbreviated extract from a book written by Simon Edrich “Doing Business in Great Britain” which is due to be published shortly.

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How can I collect debts owed to my business?

A sharp letter from a solicitor will often be enough to encourage a stubborn debtor to pay. But if this doesn’t work then there are essentially three main choices that you have to recover debts. You can:

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VAT – Overseas aspects of land-related services

Land-related services and installed and assembled goods The purpose of this note is to provide some clarity on some overseas VAT aspects for land-related services and installed and assembled goods Situation 1 – Italian established business provides land-related services Italian Co is an Italian established company that provides building services in the UK Co). Italian […]

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Closing a UK limited company

Striking off is the simplest way to close a company There are four main ways that a company can be closed. Compulsory Liquidation: when a creditor forces a company to close. Member’s Voluntary Liquidation: when the members (shareholders) close an active company that can pay its bills. Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation: when the members close an […]

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Types of UK VAT registration

Types of VAT registration in the UK This note describes the two types of UK VAT registration: Compulsory registration – when you must register for UK VAT Voluntary registration – when you may register for UK VAT if you wish Businesses based in the UK By based in the UK I mean that you have […]

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Reclaiming foreign VAT

Reclaiming EU VAT paid in the UK UK VAT registered businesses can use the UK VAT refund scheme to reclaim the VAT that the business has paid in other EU countries, providing that the business: is not VAT-registered in the other EU country; or does not have a place of business in the other country; […]

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